Friday, February 17, 2017

When We Last Spoke

When We Last Spoke is a Fireside Texas novel by Marcia Henna. This is the first book I've had of Marci Henna's and I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the story!

I wasn't a huge fan of the cover, I like bright eye catching colors, but after reading the story I understood how the cover relates to it and I have to say it fits perfectly!

Henna has a way of writing that will pull on your heart strings. There were several times throughout the book that I needed to reach for the tissues. The characters are real and relateable. I bet you can see yourself or someone you know in at least one of the characters. They were not perfect, but faced real life problems and to me that makes them all the more endearing.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed When We Last Spoke. If you're looking for a new read I highly recommend it.

*I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions expressed above are my own.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Two Suitors for Anna

About the Book

Book: Two Suitors for Anna
Author: Molly Jebber
Genre: Amish Historical Romance
Release Date: January 31, 2017
In 1903 Ohio, a young Amish woman must choose between the life she has long planned for and a new, very different future…
Since Anna Plank moved to Berlin, Ohio, with her widowed mamm and two schweschders, she’s found a real sense of belonging. As soon as her beloved Noah Schwartz proposes, they’ll begin a new chapter here together. But Noah has a surprise for Anna: once they’re married, he wants them to travel and live in other communities. Anna, who loves her home and her job at the quilt shop, is distraught when he takes her hesitation as rejection—and leaves.
Daniel Bontrager’s arrival adds to Anna’s confusion. Since taking over his late brother’s farm, the handsome roofer has offered friendship and gentle attentions. Yet the pull of first love is strong and deep, especially when Noah returns. Through each revelation, Anna must search her faith for guidance, knowing she is choosing not just a husband, but a life to nurture and to share…
Praise for Molly Jebber’s Change of Heart
“Endearing characters and a delightful story make this a keeper for fans of Amish romance.” –Emma Miller
“This is a wonderfully written historical romance with Amish and Englisch characters who are loveable and considerate of others. The storyline is believable and heartwarming. Jebber is a talented author.” –RT Book Reviews
My Thoughts: I absolutely LOVE Molly Jebber's books and this one is no different!  She has a way of weaving stories that touch your heart and characters that become friends. Even if historical romance isn't your normal read I hope you will give Two Suitors for Anna a chance. 

About the Author

Molly Jebber’s books have been featured in Publisher’s Weekly, USA Today’s HEA, and Romantic Times has given them a near excellent rating. She’s on RWA’s Honor Roll. She’s a speaker for Women’s Christian Connection, and she offers presentations on writing, publishing, Amish lifestyle and traditions. She has received widespread media coverage, including live interviews, across the United States for her books and speaking engagements.
She’s just signed a new contract for four more Amish books! She loves interacting with her readers. She loves God, her husband, family and friends. She has a hard time saying no to cupcakes, swimming, nine holes of golf, and walks on the beach. Coconut, oatmeal, and onions, on the other hand, are not hard to say no to!

Guest Post from Molly Jebber

What prompted Two Suitors for Anna?
Have you had to choose between two men you love? Or maybe a friend?  I gave Anna this dilemma and added to her turmoil by throwing in a bundle of twists and turns to the story.
Noah proposes to Anna, and he takes her rejection as hesitation and leaves town. Daniel moves to Berlin and offers her friendship which is blossoming into something more, when Noah returns and asks her forgiveness and another chance. I hope you enjoy it!

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Friday, February 10, 2017

The Silent Songbird

I have to admit, I wasn't sure that I would like The Silent Songbird by Melanie Dickerson. I was hooked withing the first few pages and I couldn't put it down. This is the first book I've read by Melanie, but I can promise, it will not be the last. Set in England in the late 1300's ,Melanie Dickerson takes the readers on a journey they won't soon forget!

Evangeline is the illegitimate daughter of the late Duke of Clarence and therefore a ward of the king.
She and Richard grew up together and were close childhood friends, but when she hears that Richard, the king, has decreed she marry Lord Shiveley, she questions their friendship. Shiveley gives her the creeps and she hopes that she can appeal to King Richard and get him to agree she doesn't have to marry the man. When her talk with the king doesn't go as planned Evangeline decides she must run away to be free.

Running away when you're the ward of the king isn't easy. Everybody knows who you are and would be all to happy to return you to his castle to receive his favor. When Muriel, Evangeline's friend and closest confident sees Evangeline preparing to run away she makes the fateful choice to follow her. She figures she can take care of Evangeline should she get into any trouble, besides she figures after a day or two of hard work Evangeline will come running back.

Westley le Wyse is on his way home after selling his grain and wares at the castle when he runs into a beautiful red haired maiden and her friend. Could she be the woman he heard singing from the window of the king's castle? Unfortunately, she's mute but he's willing to escort her and her friend on their journey and make sure no harm comes to her. Little does he know, the maiden he's escorting is Evangeline and her friend Muriel.

The Silent Songbird is a tale of love and loss and following one's heart no matter what society tells you to do. It would have been easy for Evangeline to marry Lord Shiveley, even though he gave her the creeps, just to make the king happy and secure her future. She knew deep down however, that she couldn't do it. She wanted to marry for love. Even if she had to take on the life of a peasant and work chores that are way beneath her station. She is willing to fight for what she believes in.

I was skeptical of Muriel at first, she complained, a lot! I figured she would take the first opportunity to rat Evangeline out and send her back to the castle. Muriel is also a ward of the king and she thinks Evangeline is crazy for wanting to work as a servant and refusing to marry Lord Shiveley. It seems she underestimated her friend and her determination. Muriel seems flat out unhappy, she never smiles, she gripes, complains and tries to convince Evangeline to go back to the castle. I wondered why on earth she demanded to accompany Evangeline in the first place. It doesn't take long to figure out that Muriel was only looking out for Evangeline and has her best interest at heart. The reason Muriel is so miserable, besides doing harder work that she has ever done in her life, she left the love of her live back at the king's castle and she figured they would have long returned by now.

Westley was my favorite, he is an all-around good guy. He and his father try to treat their servants as fair as the other villagers. They don't lord their money over people. They aren't fake, they genuinely care for others. Despite Evangeline not being able to speak, well pretending to be mute, she and Westley find themselves enjoying each others company and building a relationship. Will he still feel the same when he finds out she has lied?

I absolutely LOVED The Silent Songbird. The old saying is true, "Never judge a book by its cover". Although the cover is beautiful I still had my reservations about the book. I'm so glad Melanie Dickerson proved me wrong! I fell in love with the story and the characters and I'm looking forward to reading more from this author.

*I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions expressed above are my own.

You can grab a copy here:The Silent Songbird

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Garden

Here at the Book Nerd Corner it's a rare treat to review something other than books but when the opportunity came to be able to review Kari Jobe's new CD The Garden I jumped at the chance.

 The cover is absolutely beautiful! It makes me think of Spring. The album is named from the first song on the album also titled The Garden. In her intro, Kari opens up about how this album was written from her and her family working through some hard times. How they're learning to praise and trust God even when they don't know what tomorrow holds. You have to keep moving even when all you want to do is curl up in a ball and cry.

This album is packed full of awesome truth that will move and inspire you to seek God with all your heart and will also uplift your spirits when you feel down.


I truly believe you and your family will be blessed by Kari Jobe's The Garden CD. I hope you will grab yourself one and let the music refresh you and your soul.

You can grab a copy here: iTunes
You can stream it here: Spotify

Monday, January 30, 2017

Love Bears All Things

Love Bears All Things is the second book in Beth Wiseman's Amish Secrets series. It follows the lives of Jacob King and Annie Byler, as well as, Charlotte Dolinsky and Daniel Byler. Although this is the second book in the series you can read it as a stand-alone.

Charlotte Dolinsky first met the Bylers when she traveled to Lancaster County to figure out why her brother, Ethan, committed suicide.  She lied and pretended to be Amish to get close to the Kings, but little did she realize they would become her family. After revealing her lie and making ammends Charlotte moves back to Houston. Things seem to be going fine until her boyfriend, Ryan breaks up with her. Okay, maybe not fine seeing as how she's on the verge of financial collapse and she's just been given an eviction notice. What on earth is she going to do? Sure she has the house her brother left her in Lancaster County, but can she make a home there?

Jacob King feels smothered. He's always been a little different than the other Amish, loving books and having a desire to learn all he can. He's tried his best to fit in, even finding a girl and asking her to marry him, Annie Byler. As the wedding draws closer Jacob just can't seem to shake the need to get out and join the English world. Maybe not permanently, but he feels he should just try it.

Annie Byler is devastated! Jacob has ran off in the middle of the night not telling anyone, including his mom and dad, where he's going. She's worried sick. What's she going to do if he never comes back? She will be left alone to face the consequences of their actions. She's pregnant with Jacob's child and she has no idea what to do. She doesn't want to tell him because she's afraid he'll only come back out of obligation and not love. She's running out of time and she's going to have to eventually tell her parents and possibly face shunning.

Love Bears All Things is a great reminder that no matter what, love will endure. When we are at the end of our rope and facing our greatest fears, what drives us forward is love. Annie could have given up, she could have blamed their mistake solely on Jacob, but instead, she holds out hope that her love for him and his love for her and his family will be enough to bring him home.

Charlotte isn't sure God is listening anymore, she's poured her heart out to him more times than she can count. She's desperate and running out of options, when Jacob shows up on her door step after running away from home, it's the love of friendship that spurs her to try and help him while gently nudging him home. It's also the love of the King family that makes Charlotte believe she can come to Lancaster county and start over. That she can build a life where one of her life's greatest tragedies happened.

Love Bears All Things is a moving novel that will have you giggling one minute and fighting tears the next. Love is such a powerful emotion and comes in all forms, Wiseman is a master of expressing all of those through the characters of the book. Love Bears All Things will take you on a journey, and once you've finished the book (journey?) you will be better for having taken it.

"Now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love." 1 Corinthians 13:13

* I was given a free copy of this book. All opinions expressed above are my own

You can grab a copy here: Love Bears All Things

More Than A Marriage

More Than a Marriage is a Quilting Circle novella by Amy Lillard. It's the third novella in the series but can be read as a stand-alone if you wish. Personally, I like to read the entire series.

The Amish marry for life. Tess and Jacob Smiley knew that going in. What they didn't count on however was being this unhappy. Jacob wanted to move with his family to Wells Landing for the opportunity to buy a farm and provide for Tess and any future children. Tess didn't want to leave her family but she believed in Jacob and his dream.

Wells Landing isn't all it's cracked up to be and Tess is unbearably unhappy. For starters, Jacob had to take a roofing job with an English company. That wouldn't be so bad except the job came with a cell phone.A cell phone that Jacob keeps his head buried in. He never listens to her anymore and she can't remember the last time they sat and played a game together. She's proud of the fact he works so hard she just wishes he had more time for her.

Jacob is bone tired. He works so hard doing a job he hates to support Tess and the life they want to have. Even if it means putting in extra hours. They need all the money they can get to save up and buy a farm. All he wants to do when he gets home is put his feet up and relax. He pulls out his phone because Tess usually has her face buried in a seed catalog or reading up on how to make goat cheese. He hates those goats! They remind him of his failure to provide as a husband and are just more work on Tess.

It's been said comparison kills joy. Tess is so busy looking at her friends and what she assumes is their perfect life and marriage and comparing it to hers. She longs for what she thought marriage could be that she doesn't see what she has right in front of her.

Jacob isn't without fault though, he's selfish and rude, I'm not sure he means to come off that way, but he does. He doesn't share his thoughts and feelings with Tess and when she doesn't get what he says he gets angry. Take the goats for instance, Tess loves those goats. She sees them as the children that the Lord hasn't blessed her and Jacob with yet, she also sees them as a way to help her husband save and provide for their family. They're her contribution to the life they're trying to build. Jacob sees them as a nuisance and a sure sign of his failure. Instead of talking to Tess about how he feels, he up and decrees that the goats have to go and he's going to sell them no matter what Tess says.

More Than a Marriage is a wonderful book. You will love and relate to Jacob and Tess. It's so easy sometimes to get caught up in the day to day struggles that you forget what a wonderful life and spouse you have right in front of you. I love how they never gave up on each other, even when they were struggling to communicate. It was sweet seeing Jacob trying to court Tess and understand exactly what went wrong.

I truly believe you will love this book and read it again and again.

You can grab a copy here:More Than a Marriage

*I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions expressed above are my own.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Love Made New

A Love Made New is Kathleen Fuller's third book in the Amish of Birch Creek Series. It can be read as a stand-alone if you like, but I believe you will like the entire series.

Abigail Schrock just knows her boyfriend, Joel Zook, is going to propose any day now. After dealing with her share of pain and loss, Abigail is ready to move forward with her life. When Joel asks her to come by after church she could hardly contain her excitement. When she arrives at his house, Joel delivers some devastating news, not only does he not love her, but he's in love with someone else.

Asa Bontrager has lost everything. It was his own fault really. God told him to move back to Birch Creek, but Asa didn't want too. He had a good job and a fiancee, what more could a guy want. Slowly but surely, one by one, God took those things away and finally managed to get Asa's attention to go back to Birch Creek. When he sees Abigail leaving Joel Zook's looking sad, he wants to help her somehow.

Abigail has low self esteem, she doesn't believe herself to be pretty, simply because she's a bit more full figured than her sisters. She believes that's why Joel left her, because in her mind she is fat. She's also sick and tired of the pity. People pitied her after her parent's death, they pity her because she's bigger than her sisters and unmarried, surely when people find out Joel left her they will pity her again. All she wants is to love and be loved in return. When Asa comes up beside her on her walk home she takes her frustration out on him. What would a guy as handsome as Asa want with her?

A Love Made New is a story of acceptance and learning to follow God wherever he leads you. It may not make sense but the journey is definitely worth it. Abigail struggles to find her place. She seems to think that outward appearance determines self worth. She has a pity party from time to time, but always manages to pull herself up before she wallows too much. I can relate to Abigail. Sometimes it's hard to be the only one who looks, thinks, talks or maybe acts differently. But that's exactly what he's called us to do, be different. If he made us all exaclty alike how boring that would be.

Asa is on the road to learning to follow God's will and trust His timing. I'm not sure if Asa thought when he came back to Birch Creek that everything would fall immediately into place but it didn't. He figures out quite quickly that Abigail is the one God meant for him, but convincing her of that could take some time. For one thing, she's just gotten out of a relationship with Joel and second she seems to have image issues. To him she is the most beautiful woman in the world, he thinks Joel is a fool for letting her go, and he's not sure why she is so sensitive about her weight.

I love how the author makes the characters real and able to relate to. Just because they're Amish doesn't mean they are perfect. I think sometimes that's a big misconception, not only about the Amish, but also about Christians. We struggle with normal day to day things just like everyone else. The difference is, we have a loving Savior that wants desperately for us to accept Him and see ourselves in his eyes.

*I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions express above are my own.