Monday, January 11, 2016

The Forgotten Recipe

Food warms the heart and soul but is it enough to heal a broken heart and a shattered future?
Veronica has always loved cleaning but when she discovers her grandmother's recipes she discovers a joy of baking,something she hasn't felt since her beloved Seth's tragic accident.

Jason is struggling to come to grips with Seth's accident.  He keeps blaming himself thinking "if only I hadn't" or "I should have". He knows it's the Lord's will of course, but he can't stop the guilt.  He and Seth were friends and he should've been able to do....something.  He wants to offer his condolences to Seth's Veronica but when he finally meets her he's literally rendered speechless!

The Forgotten Recipe is a warm tale of heartache and tragedy softened with unexpected friendships and love.  Food really can and does bring people together.  One would be surprised what a raspberry pie can do for a grieving fiance'.  It gives her hope.  Hope that she can survive this unimaginable gut wrenching heartache. Maybe, just maybe, all her dreams and her future didn't die right along with Seth.   Hope that she can be content being single and selling pies at her bake stand. 

This pie can also bring unexpected love to a guy who's trying to relieve his guilty conscious. Jason spends his time working and helping his parents. At night when he's alone he relives the accident and all the what if's. He and his brother are on an errand for their mother when they officially meet Veronica. Jason is so dumbstruck by her beauty that he stands there gaping.  When he finally comes to his senses he tries to smooth over the situation by buying jams and jellies in addition to the pies his mom requested.

This book is so much more than your typical Amish love story.  It's about family, friendships and love.  It's about carrying on when you feel as though your world has fallen apart and trusting the Lord to put you back together.  It's about food and how it warms the heart and soul.  How it brings you together and helps you have those tough heart to hearts that every family must have.  It's about friendships such as brothers who give heartfelt advice. Sisters, who hold you as you cry.  Your mom who gives you one of her vases and flowers out of her garden to show the woman you love how much she means to  you.  Yes, the Forgotten Recipe is a love story but it is so much more! 

I hope that you will give the Forgotten Recipe a try.  Even if a love story isn't your typical read I think you will adore this book.  

The Forgotten Recipe

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