Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Brush of Wings

Brush of Wings by Karen Kingsbury is the third book in the Angels Walking series. It can be read as a stand alone although you may not understand a few things throughout the book. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and was sad to see it end. As with most of Karen's books I fell in love with the characters and found myself laughing and crying right along with them.

In this book Mary Catherine faces a serious health crisis.  She refuses to tell anyone just how serious it is and instead focuses on her desire to go to Africa. She's determined that IF she is to die she will do it on her own terms loving the orphans and spreading the message of God. What can be more noble than that? She goes against doctors orders and leaves family and friends in the dark promising herself if she gets really really sick she will tell Sami, her roommate.

I don't believe Mary Catherine was cold hearted or malicious by not telling them.  She didn't want to be a burden on those she loved. She also didn't want Marcus to waste his time and heart on her when she wasn't sure she was going to live.  She loved them, Marcus and her friends, and didn't want to burden them with worries of her health or to have them talk her out of this trip to Africa.  She longed to help at the orphanage and felt like God was calling her to do that.  I admired Mary Catherine's spirit. She loved life but most of all she loved God.  She never once stopped praying to God for guidance throughout her entire story.  Whether she was having a good day or a really bad one she never forgot her Lord.

I felt bad for Marcus.  Here he is madly in love with Mary Catherine and he doesn't understand why she's pushing him away.  He  knows their feelings are real, yet she won't fully commit to him.  Even when he says he loves her and will wait for her even as she goes to Africa, she says she just wants to be friends.  It takes a strong man of faith to love Mary Catherine and Marcus Dillinger is just that man.  Although he's still new to his faith he loves God with all his heart and he relies on God to guide his footsteps.  I have to admit Marcus made my heart swoon.  Who wouldn't want a man who loves God desperately first and pursues you with that same determination?.  He wasn't overly pushy with her but he was definitely forthright.  I also loved how he asked God for a sign and God answered.  I can't tell you how many times I've begged God for a burning bush or something to tell me what I should do.

Friends, I absolutely loved this book.  It's definitely a love story but not just one between man and woman.  No, it's a love story between God and his people.  You feel that throughout this book.  It's like God told Karen "write a love story to my people". *sigh.  I can go on and on but I'd rather you get a copy and read it for yourself! The book isn't available to March 29th but you can pre-order it for the next few weeks. If you pre-order you can receive a gift from Karen.  All the details are on Karen's webpage and Facebook page which I will leave a link to below. You can pre-order as many copies as you like. You may be thinking "what will I do with more than one copy of the same book?". Well, be an angel to somebody;give a copy to your neighbor, a single mom, or leave one at the doctor's office.  They will be blessed and you will too.

Karen Kingsbury's Facebook page
Karen's webpage

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