Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Things We knew

The Things we Knew is the latest christian fiction novel by Catherine West. The Carlisles and the Coopers have been next door neighbors for years. Their kids grew up together and are best friends. Will a family secret tear their families apart, or bring them closer together?

If there ever was a disfunctional family, the Carlisle family fits the bill. The dad, Drake, once a raging drunk, has finally gotten his life together only to lose his memories to alheizmers. He has some moments of being lucid, but mostly he's lost in the memories of his mind. Back when his children were younger and his wife was still alive.

Lynette Carlisle is the baby of the family, although in truth she may be the strongest. She's left alone to care for her dad after her brothers and sister moved away. She's tried to hold it together, causally dropping hints that the family home is in disrepair and that their father may need more help than she can give him. But they're all off living their own life and have no time to go back home.

Liz, who can command the courtroom with one look is in an abusive relationship. Gray has all the fame and fortune a guy could want, but he's haunted by his drinking and drug addiction. Ryan is off saving the world serving as a missionary in Africa while David's marriage is falling apart. The only way this disfunctional family will come together is to sell the family home.

Nick Cooper was once part of the Carlisle family, but after a falling out with Gray five years ago he's been left on the outside. He's suprised when Lynette comes to see him at the bank asking for suggestions on what to do with Wyldewood, her family home. Nick would love nothing more than to help Lynette by giving her the money needed to fix up the place, but with his father, the owner of the bank, breathing down his neck his hands are tied as to what he can do.

Slowly but surely Nick and Lynette begin to relcaim their friendship and maybe a little something more. When her siblings arrive with the hopes of railroading her into selling Wyldewood they may have a something to say about this new romance. Tempers flare and secrets come to light and both the Carlisles and the Coopers learn that nothing is more important than family.

*I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions expressed above are my own.

You can grab a copy here: The Things We Knew

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