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The Quilting Circle

For the first time in print you can get  Amy Lillard's quilting circle trilogy in one volume. Which is handy, because once you start reading, you can't put it down. Also, you don't have to wait a few months for the next one to come out. I enjoyed all three stories and I honestly can't pick a favorite. I know this is one book I will read again and again.

More Than Friendship

Clara Rose Yutzy and Obadiah "Obie" Brenneman have been friends their whole lives. Some people say a boy and a girl can't be friends, but these two have proven them wrong. Clara Rose is enganged to Thomas Lapp and can't wait to be his wife. She has dreams of a big house and farm with lots of children running around. That is until Obie tells her something, "You can't marry Thomas", that makes her doubt everything.
I loved Obie! It was apparent from the start  that he loved Clara Rose and as more than just a friend. He's tried to do the right thing, he hates himself for blurting out that she can't marry Thomas. Of course, he would never come out and tell her that he loved her, especially when she's engaged to someone else, so he has to be vague in his reasons. Surely Clara Rose could tell he loved her. He's the one person, outside her family, she knows she can count on for anything. They are supposed to be together, now if only he can get Clara Rose to see that before she marries Thomas.

I didn't care too much for Thomas at first. I felt like he was hiding something, because he would always try to be perfect. He was so stiff and rigid that I felt like he would keep his feelings too close to his vest. In the end though his huge heartfelt gesture to Clara Rose made me fall in love with him.

More Than A Promise

Mariana Miller has had it rough. Her beloved Leroy had lost his battle with brain cancer, but truth be told she lost him long before that. The cancer changed him, until he was nothing like her loving caring husband. On top of that, she and Leroy spent years praying that she would conceive. When she finally did he was too far gone for her to share the happy news. Marianna isn't sad for herself, she's just lost. She has to find a way to provide for her and the baby now that Leroy has passed away. The community will help, for sure, but it's not their burden to bear.

Reuben Weisel has been friends with Leroy and Mariana for years. In fact he and Leroy were business partners. Reuben has never married and he feels it is his duty to take care of his late friend's wife. Although, he isn't quite sure what to say, or do, he still tries and that has to count for something.

This story was in my opinion one of the sweetest love stories I have ever read. Here is Mariana living out her marriage vows and God blesses her with the baby that she and Leroy have longed for. I love how even though Mariana grieves for Leroy she doesn't wallow in her grief. She knows she has something to live for and does her best to put one foot in front of the other. Plus, she has Reuben to help. Although she isn't quite comfortable relying on him too much, she is thankful that he is willing to step up and help around the house. And he won't take no for an answer!

More Than A Marriage

Tess Smiley isn't happy and she hasn't been happy for a long time. She and her husband are newlyweds and have moved to Wells Landing for a fresh start.  She longs to own her own farm and house, but right now she'd settle for having her husband put his blasted cell phone away. It's supposed to be for business purposes only but more and more she finds Jacob with his head buried in his phone.

Jacob is frustrated, this isn't the way life is supposed to be. He figured he and Tess would move to Wells Landing with his parents and they'd buy them a farm and build a house. Instead, he had to get a roofing job with an English boss. To make matters worse, Tess has goats that she has to take care of. She makes cheese and things from goats milk and uses the money from that to help with a down payment on a farm of their own. Every time he looks at those goats he sees his failures.

This story is an excellent reminder that there are two sides to every story. Tess loves her goats, she finds them silly and entertaining. Plus, she loves the fact that she can contribute to her household and help Jacob save for a down payment on a farm of their own. Of course, Jacob doesn't see it this way and  that is the problem. They never communicate to each other what their wants and needs are. They just assume the other person sees it their way. Tess can be a little whiny and Jacob a little bull headed. In some parts of the story I got so frustrated with the two of them I wanted to yell at them, as if they could actually hear me, lol.

I truly enjoyed each of the stories in the Quilting Circle. It was fun to follow the same characters throughout the stories and see how their lives continued after their story. I also learned some valuable lessons from each story. Like you can't look to hard at something or else you'll miss what's right in front of you. Also God is faithful, even when we have long given up on a hope or dream God hasn't and in his time he rewards our faithfulness. Possibly my favorite, marriage is a two way street each person has to give 100 percent or else the marriage develops pot holes and nobody likes pot holes.

I hope you will grab a copy of The Quliting Circle. If you do I'd love for you to comeback and tell me what, if any, lessons you learned from the community of  Wells Landing.

* I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions expressed above are my own,

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