Monday, July 2, 2018

Kappy King and the Pickle Kaper

Kappy King and the Pickle Kaper is an Amish mystery and the second book in Amy Lillard's Kappy King series. If you haven't read the first book yet, no worries, you can read this one and not be lost. If you've never read one of Amy Lillard's books then you're in for a treat!

Kappy King has always felt like she's on the outside fringe of her Amish community. She's not banned or shunned, she just feels...different. Maybe it comes from losing her parents and siblings at a young age and being raised by her aunt, who knows? But Kappy loves her community and does her best to fit in. Maybe she would feel more settled if she were married, but she doesn't have time for that! She's busy trying to get her friend, Edith Peachy, to commit to staying in the community.

Edith Peachy jumped the fence as they say, many years ago. She loved the English world and the conveniences that come with it. After her mother died there was no one left to care for her brother, Jimmy, but her, so Edith returns to Blue Sky...although a bit reluctantly. She's under the bann and nobody will acknowledge her presence or talk to her until she repents, no one but Kappy. The two become the best of friends even though they have their differences.

When a local teen is killed in a buggy accident the local community is in mourning. But what if it wasn't really an accident at all? Edith gets a text suggesting just that and she and Kappy set off on an adventure to prove one way or the other. Each text reveals a little more about the "accident" and the ladies are determined to crack the case.  The story is full of twists and turns and a lot of pickles along the way!

I really enjoyed the story more than I thought I would. It was a fun and light-hearted read. Edith and Kappy's friendship reminded me a lot of me and my best friend. We are so different in many ways but I know if I need her for anything all I have to do is call. She has  my back through thick and thin and most of the time goes along with my hair brianed ideas, just like Kappy and Edith. They aren't too different that you wouldn't buy them being friends, but they are close enough to embrace each other flaws and all.

The mystery part of the story was really good too! There is a long list of who dunnits and you will keep guessing until the very end. I had my suspicions but until the truth was revealed I had as many guesses as the community has pickles! Oh and the pickles, I guess you're wondering about that, well I don't want to spoil anything for you but let's just say, people like things a certain way and don't take kindly to people trying to change things.

Kappy King and the Pickle Kaper is a great summer read (or anytime!). I think you will love it if you give it the chance, I know I did! So what are you waiting for? Grab you a copy and get ready to go on and adventure!

You can grab a copy here: Kappy King and the Pickle Kaper

* I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions expressed are my own.

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