Monday, September 19, 2016

Love and Buggy Rides

Love and Buggy Rides is an Amish novella by Amy Clipston and is included in the book An Amish Harvest.

It is Janie Lantz's first day on the job as cashier at Lancaster Souviners and Buggy Rides. She's happy to have this job and it's the first one outside of caring for family. Her feet hurt but other than that it's been a pretty uneventful first day. That is until she's sitting outside enjoying her lunch and witnesses one of the buggies used for tour rides get rear ended by a car!

Jonathan Stoltzfus ran to Lancaster to hide from a broken heart. His ex-girl friend is marrying his friend and he just couldn't bring himself to attend the wedding. Jonathan decides to care for his grandparents for the fall harvest to ease some of the burden off his uncle. He's thrilled to be offered a job giving buggy rides to tourists at Lancaster Souviners and Buggy Rides. All is going well until a car crashes into his buggy. Nobody is seriously hurt, but Jonathan still feels that somehow the wreck was his fault.

You will fall in love with the characters of Love and Buggy Rides. Janie is a super sweet girl that tends to sell herself short. She was ridiculed in school because of her red hair and she believes herself to be unpretty. If she only knew how beautiful her kind heart makes her, perhaps she would not feel that way about herself. She has developed a crush on Jonathan, but worries what he and her parents would think if they knew. She's afraid that her father would not approve because Jonathan is 10 years older than her. Also, she would never believe Jonathan would think of her as more than a friend. Despite this she is determined to help clear Jonathan of any wrong doing in the crash.

Love and Buggy rides is a sweet romance that will have you believing in the power of true love. I hightly recommend reading Love and Buggy Rides as well as the other novellas in An Amish Harvest.

You can grab a copy here:Love and Buggy Rides

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