Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Biggest Story

When the opportunity arose to review The Biggest Story I jumped at the chance. I'm always looking for fun and creative ways to help teach my children about Jesus. I have to say I was really impressed with The Biggest Story.

You will first notice how fun and freindly the cover is. My daughter fell in love with it the minute she saw it. She would have been perfectly content to just sit and stare a the cover for a while, but I wanted to watch the dvd. As for my two sons, well, they weren't all that impressed with a pretty cover, boys! (lol)

The dvd isn't that long, 26 minutes, to be exact, and it's divided up into 10 chapters. Each chapter being about 2-3 minutes long. You can choose to watch it a chapter at a time, then take time to discuss it, or if you're like my family you will be hooked from the beginning and watch the whole thing at one time.

It is beautifully illustrated, I loved the pops of color and how they wove everything together. It's the full story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Each chapter is told in a way that young children can understand and enjoy. My children are ages 11,10 and 5. They were all enamored with the story and illustrations, as were my husband and myself. It blew my mind how they were able to tell such a large and important story, and yet make it fun and engaging.

I plan to go back over it again with my children, a chapter at a time. Taking the time to go into a deeper discussion about each chapter, to help them understand more, and answer any questions they may have to help them understand. I beleive The Biggest Story would be a great asset for children's church or a Sunday School room. Honestly, it is so beautifully illustrated and commentated that I feel sure people of all ages can be entralled with The Biggest Story.

*I was given a copy of The Biggest Story by FlyBy Promotions in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed above are my own.

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