Thursday, September 22, 2016

Young and Beardless

I have to admit my family and I love Duck Dynasty. Their message is one that the world needs to hear; faith and family. Some members of the Robertson family have written books, and while I have not read all of them , the ones I have all inspired me to deepen my faith in some way or another. Young and Beardless is no excption.

We've all seen John Luke on Duck Dynasty. He's the goofy and sometimes awkward older brother of Sadie. What you may not know is John Luke is wise beyond his years. In his book Young and Beardless, he challenges everyone, young and old alike, to live a life that makes a difference. To venture outside your comfort zone and reach those who you may not have otherwise met.

He discusses the concept of a spiritual tool box in his book. I found this to be very interesting, especially the way he puts it. He has an expandable folder, but you could really use anything, to keep scripture verses; sermon notes and along with notes from his family that have touched him some way. When life gets hard or he experieces a failed adventure he can pull out that folder and be reminded that he is loved, not only by God, but also his family. He can also see where God has helped direct his path in the past.

John Luke is a fellow book nerd and he loves to share books that have made a difference in his life. Throughout Young and Beardless he shares some of his favorites and also some highlights from each book. He also tells you what it was about that book that challenged him to live his life in a better way.

I was thoroughly suprised with Young and Beardless. Although it's listed as juvenile fiction I believe it has a message that anyone, regardless of their age, can relate to and learn from. At the end of each chapter are journaling prompts to help you put what you learn into action. While I did not complete them while reading the book (I was too into the book to put it down and journal) I plan on going back and working on the prompts and see where God leads me.

*I was given a copy of Young and Beardless by BookLook Bloggers in exhange for an honest review. The views expressed above are my own.

You can grab a copy here: Young and Beardless

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