Monday, January 15, 2018

Seeds of Hope

It's been said that a man and a woman can't be friends. Something always comes along and complicates things, usually one develops feelings for the other and the friendship is never the same. Miriam Troyer and Mark Byler seem to be the exception to the rule. After all she's Amish and a member of the church and Mark was born and raised English. Despite coming from different backgrounds they develop a friendship and seem to understand each other in ways no one understands, until one day Mark's world is turned upside down and nothing is as it seems to be.

Miriam Troyer is a kind and sweet-hearted girl. She teaches at the school and helps her parents with her younger siblings. She even helps take care of John Byler, Mark's grandfather, by cooking him meals and helping him with his garden. It's no wonder people can't figure out why she isn't married yet, maybe the right man just hasn't come along. Then again, maybe he has and she knows she has absolutely zero chance of being with him. Now, if she can just convince her heart of that she can find a nice Amish man to marry. Miriam didn't meant to fall for Mark, she isn't really sure when it happened, it just happened. He seems to get her in ways nobody else does and she loves their long talks when he comes to visit for the summer. She knows she needs to get over him and find someone Amish but that's easier said than done.

Mark Byler has everything a man could want. A beautiful fiance, a job as a high powered attorney, and a upscale condo. He loves his job at the firm and he's very successful at it. He works long hours and when he isn't working he's usually out with Tiffany, his fiance. Mark is celebrating a huge victory of getting his client off of a murder charge when he receives word his grandfather, John, wants him to come visit. Deciding he's earned some time off, he goes to check on his grandfather. Finding all is well, he can't wait to return to the job he loves. Mark is headed into work one day when he gets word the boss wants to see him. Due to some bad publicity Mark is put on a forced extended leave from work. With his world turned upside down, and nothing to keep him in the city, Mark decides to return to the farm to help his grandfather with the harvest. In doing so will he find all he ever wanted and more?

I absolutely loved Seeds of Hope and although it's my first book to read by Barbara Cameron it won't be the last! I loved how she made Miriam and Mark flawed yet so easy to relate to. We all know someone who gives of themselves, thinking of others and never really stopping to consider what their wants and needs are. Or perhaps you know a Mark, a good guy who works too much and tends to miss what's right in front of him. But I loved John best of all! He's a quiet guy who doesn't say much but when does it's definitely worth listening to. He loves Mark and Miriam both and wants what's best for them. He doesn't tell them what to do but offers quiet and sound advice. I love how he never pushed too hard. His desire was for Mark to come back to the Amish ways and run the family farm but he would never force that on him. He always welcomed Mark with open arms but understood and  supported the fact that it had to be Mark's decision on what to do with his life.

Seeds of Hope is a beautiful story that I believe is a must read for book lovers everywhere. Even if Amish fiction isn't your usual genre of choice I hope you will give it a try! You won't be disappointed.

* I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions expressed above are my own.

You can grab a copy here: Seeds of Hope

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