Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sister Dear

Sister Dear is a new suspence realease by Laura McNeill. It's said that blood is thicker than water but what if water could give you everything you ever wanted, everything you thought you could never measure up to with your family. Get ready for a wild ride that will leave you guessing up until the very end.

Allie Marshall had it all. A bright future as a med student, a beautiful little girl, a man, Ben, who was desperately in love with her and who loved her daughter, Caroline as his own. Shock reverberated around the communtiy of Brunswick when Allie was charged with murder of the town's beloved coach, Boyd Thomas. Sure she wrote an expose where she all but accused Coach Thomas of giving the football players seteroids and beating them when their performance wasn't up to standards, but a killer? Really? Despite the fact she was found trying to recessitate the body when the sheriff found them, Allie still maintains her innocence, even now all these years later she is convinced that someone else killed him, mainly Sheriff Gaines.

Emma Marshall always looked up to her older sister, Allie, and wanted to be just like her. She knew she could never measure up, Allie was perfect, and Emma, well she was the black sheep. A little, ok a lot, permiscuous and not nearly the student Allie was. She was content to waste her life away. Then Allie gets arressted and convicted of murder and Emma sees this as her chance to become the "good sister".  She puts aside her rebellious ways and takes full responsibility of Carloline, raising her as if she were her own. She makes sure Caroline has everything she needs and tries to shield her from as much of her mother's oredeal as possible. But, when Allie gets early parole what will become of this happy little family Emma has worked so hard to maintain and control?

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect with Sister Dear. I have never read one of Laua McNeill's books, until now, so I wasn't sure how engaging it would be. Let me say, I was thoroughly suprised. Just when I thought things couldn't get anymore intense McNeill would throw another curve ball. There were times I gasped out loud, earning me weird looks from my dog, because I just couldn't beleve things could be so twisted.

I love how she took something so common as sibling rivalry and added a few things to take readers on a ride they won't soon forget. I love suspence books because I try to figure out the twist, the who done it if you will, but I could never have expected the conclusion of Sister Dear. I'm hoping they make this into a movie because it is THAT good! If you're a fan of suspense novels or even if you aren't, I highly suggest giving Sister Dear a try.

*I was given a copy of Sister Dear by TNZ in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed above are my own.

You can grab a copy here: Sister Dear

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