Monday, October 10, 2016

Take Me Back To Texas

Take Me Back To Texas is a sweet, small town romance by Amy Lillard set in Loveless, Texas. I find it funny that the town is called Loveless in a romance novel! Take Me Back To Texas reminds us that nobody knows you better than the friends you grow up with and the only place you can really call home is a place where you are free to be yourself.

Elizabeth McGee  had her heart shattered in Loveless, Texas. She was head over heels in love with JD Carmichael and was sure they'd get married and have lots of babies. Even when her dad announced he was moving the family to Chicago she didn't worry. Sure, she was sad she'd have to go a year without seeing JD, but she was sure they could weather the year and get married and attend college together. What she didn't count on was the fateful phone call from JD telling her that he was marrying someone else and he was sorry but there was just not future for them.

JD Carmichael has made some bone headed decisions in his time. Like the time he went to a party and had a few too many drinks, then ended up with a manipulative woman who saw herself as a trophy football wife. Yeah, not his finest hour. Especially since it meant giving up the only woman he's ever loved, Elizabeth McGee, or Bethie Grace as he rememers her. Hired by the estate to remodel her deceased grandmother's house, the last thing he expects is to see the woman who haunts his dreams to come driving up the driveway.

JD has sworn to never marry again after what happened with his late wife. He believes the best thing for him to do is swear off women and take care of his daughter, Mallory. Of course, he never expected Elizabeth to waltz back into his life much less Loveless, Texas. Elizabeth is a self-made, self-assured woman who doesn't need a man to be happy. At least that's what she tells herself, but she has always found it near impossible to resist JD or his charms. They say opposites attract and with JD and Elizabeth that's pretty much the truth. She's a LA girl and he's a Texas man, but neither can deny the pull they feel when they are in close proximity to each other.

Take Me Back To Texas will make you long for a town like Loveless, which reminds me of Mayberry, or any small town really. Everybody knows everybody and the local busybodies love to play matchmaker. You can never forget your first love, no matter how badly your heart was broken.  I found myself giggling at some of the shenanigans the locals pulled to make sure JD and Elizabeth could see what was right in front of their faces.

I truly loved Take Me Back To Texas and all the colorful characters who live there. I'm hoping there are more books in this series because by the time you finish the book the characters feel like friends and I would like to know what happens to the rest of the town. I hope you will give Take Me Back To Texas a try.

You can grab a copy here:Take Me Back to Texas

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