Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Love Transformed

A Love Transformed is Tracie Peterson's third novel in the Sapphire Brides series and one I'm sure you'll love. Used as a pawn her whole life will Clara Vesper find the courage to step out and claim the love and life she desperately wants?

Clara Vesper has known a great love. True it wasn't to her husband, Adolph, but to a man named Curtis Billingham, who she met when she was a teenager. Her mom, who isn't known for her loving kindness, flipped out and demanded Clara marry a man who would promote her up the social ladder. Adolph Vesper doesn't love Clara, but he decides she will make a suitable wife. He didn't realize how suitable until he discovered her ability to design jewelry thus launching his family's highly coveted line of Vesper Yogo jewelry, line. She doesn't take the credit of course, she leaves that to Adolph, she's just happy to have something to fill her time since the nanny takes care of the children.

When Adolph Vesper is murdered Clara is speechless. Who on earth would want to harm her husband? While still reeling from the shock of his sudden and gruesome death Clara learns that her husband, who is normally very savvy with his finances, incured massive amounts of debt and her brother in-law had to bail him out. Basically she's a penniless widow at the mercy of her brother in-law, Otto. She's not too worried, she's always had a pleasant relationship with Otto but when he declares his intent to marry her, after a reasonable amount of time of course, she knows she needs and escape plan. Her mother would be all to happy, not to mention eager, to marry her off to the next eligible, rich man who comes along, brother in-law or not. Her mother has never heard the word no, well she has, but she refuses to accept it. 

Curtis Billingham met and fell in love with Clara when they were just teens, on her aunt's farm in Montana. He loved her something fierce and fully intended to marry  her until her mother got involved. He wanted to fight for her, he tried but it seemed like it just wasn't meant to be. Losing Clara and then his parents a short time later, Curtis made some decisions that were less than honorable. He was a drunk and a womanizer and if it weren't for Madeline and Paul, Clara's aunt and uncle, there's no telling what would've happened to him. They took him in and cared for him and shared their faith. Curtis will be forever grateful to them for being his surrogate family. 

A Love Transformed will draw you in and keep you guessing until the very last page. Clara has known her share of hardships, her mother being one, but she never lets it make her bitter. I was glad she was such a strong and determined woman, especially for her four year old twins, Hunter and Maddie. It would have been easy to marry Otto and live the life in which she became accustom to, but something told her that wasn't the right thing to do. She also could have given in, like she did last time, and let her mother call the shots, she found a suitable husband the first time, who's to say she couldn't do it again? Clara knows in her heart she'll never love another man other than Curtis and she feels like the only place she feels free is the ranch her aunt and uncle own. 

Clara's mother, Harriet Oberlin, is a real piece of work. I kept hoping deep down that she loved Clara and was truly concerned with her well being. As it turns out, she sees her merely as a pawn to boost both of them up the social ladder. How can someone be that cold and calculating? Maybe it was just a different time but I found myself feeling so sorry for Harriet. Clara at least had her Aunt Madeline to fill in where her mother was lacking. Harriet had no one and she could only blame herself. 

I truly hope you will give A Love Transformed a chance. Even if historical romance isn't you normal genre of choice I believe you will fall in love with the characters and the story. Tracie Peterson has a way of bringing places alive and crafting characters who manage to worm their way into your heart and become friends. 

You can grab a copy here:A Love Transformed

*I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions expressed above are my own.

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