Monday, April 30, 2018

The English Son

The English Son is the first of six books in The Amish Millionaire Series by Wanda & Jean Brunstetter. All six books are currently available and you can buy them individually or in a complete volume. I bought mine one at a time, as they were released and had the excitement of waiting and finding each new volume in the stores.

Joel Byler has big dreams, he has a beautiful fiancee, Kristi Palmer, and even though he hasn't given her a ring yet they are looking forward to a happy future together. He works as a contractor and loves to buy and restore old cars. When Joel makes a costly purchase at a car auction he puts all his big dreams in jeopardy. He has to find a way to pay his sub contractors, hid the car, and stay a float until the next big job comes in.

Kristi loves Joel  with all her heart. She isn't even worried that he hasn't bought her a ring yet, he proposed and she said yes, case closed. They're planning a great future together and each have put money into a joint account saving up for their life together. Kristi's mom isn't fond of Joel. For one thing, he isn't a man of faith and he seems to always put his needs before Kristi. They say love is blind and for Kristi that's true.

Joel strikes me as a very selfish person. He bought a car using money he didn't have and hides it from Kristi so she won't know he used funds set aside for something else to get what he really wanted. He has determination and drive, unfortunately he sometimes uses it on selfish things. He's very guarded for a man supposedly in love. He won't tell Kristi anything about his family except she wouldn't like them. She has no clue who Joel really is or what he really wants.

Kristi is like most people in love. Willing to see the best and forget all the rest. She listens to her mother's concerns, but I'm not sure she takes them to heart. She loves Joel, but she wishes he would open up to her more. She thinks given a little time these hiccups will work themselves out, but will they? I wonder if she would feel that way if she knew all of Joel's secrets.

I know it's only book one but I am hooked on the series! Each book is relatively short making for a quick read. They're each like a mini series and once you start reading you will not want to put them down. I feel sorry for Kristi because she has pinned all her hopes and dreams on one man without really knowing anything about him. I'm hoping Joel can overcome his selfish ways and open up to Kristi about who he is and where he comes from. I'm excited to see how this story ends and can't wait to read the next book of the series.

You can grab a copy here:The English Son
Or the complete series here:The Amish Millionaire Series

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