Monday, April 11, 2016

Kissed by a Cowboy

Who says you can't go home? Cassidy Starr did just that when she decided to end her sham of a marriage.  Well, ok, it wasn't home per se but it was the only place that ever felt like home; Aunt Roxie's place.  Kissed by a Cowboy is the third book in Debra Clopton's Four Hearts Ranch Series but it can stand alone. I haven't read the others, yet, but was able to follow along just fine.

Cassidy Starr has had a rough life. From being tossed about by her parents, to a revolving door of step parents, who stayed only long enough for her to get attached then left, to marring a man who thought fidelity was a type of pasta.  She decided to divorce her husband and move to Aunt Roxie's place, which was left to her in the will.  She is going to grow organic strawberries and turn her house into a B&B and never look back.  If Aunt Roxie could rock the single life and be perfectly happy then she could too.  Besides, focusing on her to do list will keep her mind occupied and keep her from focusing on her hunky cowboy neighbor.

Jarrod Monahan lives his life with few regrets but he does have one.  Kissing the daylights out of Cassidy Starr when they were teenagers and running off to Montana. Boy, that was dumb.  By the time he managed to come to his senses and make it back home to Texas, she had up and married somebody else.  It must be for the best, but man it hurt.  Of course, he would never admit that to anybody, not even his brothers.  Now a days, he and his brothers spent their time looking out for their grandpa, Pops, and making the ranch successful again after all the damage their dad had done. He doesn't have time for rustlers much less the beautiful spunky neighbor next door.

Kissed by a Cowboy is a funny romantic comedy that everyone should read.  It is full of twists and turns and colorful characters.  I would love to visit Wishing Springs, Texas and meet everyone, They already feel like family.  I'd love to go to the Cut Up and Roll Hair Salon and not only get my hair done, but catch up on the gossip with Reba and Clara Lyn.  Of course, I'd go over and see Doc and see if he had any animals to adopt. Wishing Springs is a place where once you're here you are family and everybody looks out for one another.
This is the first Debra Clopton book I have read but I will definitely be reading others.

Kissed by a Cowboy

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