Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Can't Buy Me Love

Admit it. The minute you read the title the Beatles song Can't Buy Me Love popped in your head. Am I right? I wonder if the author was listening to the song when she penned this book. Either way it's a great song and this is an equally great book.

As the Beatles sang "I don't care too much for money, money can't buy me love". Blake Caldwell knows that truth all to well. Sure it can buy you a house full of servants and a garage full of shiny cars, but not love. If he inherits Aunt Virginia's estate, as he plans on doing, he might just manage to save Caldwell Clothing Company. It takes money to make money and he's done all he can to save the family business with his limited resources.

Aunt Virginia can best be described as a fire cracker. She always has to have her way and in death is no different. She is fully prepared to leave Blake the Caldwell fortune, including her estate. But under one condition, he must marry first. Blake the confirmed bachelor must marry in order to save that which he loves the most, Caldwell Clothing Company, He has poured his heart and soul into the company, but married?! Surely Aunt Virginia must be crazy. Besides, who would he marry? The girl he loves has left him to go overseas and nobody else would want him due to his playboy persona. Well, they might if the price is right, but he could stand to lose everything. So, who does that leave? The next girl who walks through the door?

Paige Parker is trying to adjust to life back in the states. She has lived the majority of her life with her father serving as missionaries in Africa. She naively assumed she would come back stateside and have a happy reunion with her sister and mom. What she gets though is a relationship that needs a ton of work and a hard time adjusting to life in the states. She has a temp job she hates, but desperately needs just to buy the basics. Her new boss,Noah, doesn't even know her name. Imagine her shock when she delivers the coffee service and gets a marriage proposal from the hunky millionaire! What's a girl to do?

A quirky aunt, a disillusioned missionary, a playboy millionaire, a phony marriage in name only, what could possibly go wrong? Can't Buy Me Love will have you laughing out loud from the start and won't stop until the end.

You can grab a copy here: Can't Buy Me Love
Just Because: Can't Buy Me Love--The Beatles

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