Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Loving a Lawman

Loving a Lawman is the latest book in Amy Lillard's cattle creek series. I hate to admit I haven't read all of the others, yet, but if they are anything like this one we are all  in for a treat! This book is full of laughter and love with a hint of family drama. I was hooked from the start and was unable to put it down until I was finished.

Seth recently moved home because of his mother's cancer diagnosis. He doesn't mind that he left San Diego and settled back in his home town. It's quiet here and everyone knows their neighbors. Which can sometimes be a bad thing. Another bad thing is that Seth sees Jessie McAllen quite often. He loves her something fierce but he can't have her. She belongs to someone else, his brother Chase.

Jessie McAllen has had it with small town life. You make one mistake, just ONE, and you are branded trouble for life. Homecoming '08 she beat Sissy Callahan's car with an axe handle over Chase. That was a long time ago, but it's no surprise that when Chase shows up with a buckle bunny and then later in the night his truck gets smashed with a bat, Jessie is the one and only suspect.

Jessie is more than ready to leave Cattle Creek. She works two jobs trying to save up enough money to make her escape. When she finds herself riding home with Seth from a family birthday party she wonders what it would be like if she had fallen for him instead of Chase. Seth is honest, reliable and trustworthy, all the things Chase is not. She decides to kiss Seth just once to see what it's like.

What started out as a kiss leads to a unplanned pregnancy by the wrong brother. When she messes up she messes up big time! Jessie is still trying to figure out what to do when Seth comes barging in demanding that she marry him and they give the baby a real family. Jessie goes along with the plan because she doesn't have a better one, but she can't help but wonder why Seth wants to marry her in the first place.

Amy Lillard has the ability to write books that you can relate to. No, not everyone has found themselves in love with their brother's girl or gotten themselves in quite the fix that Jessie mangaged but we can all relate to the fact that relationships are hard. I love that Amy sprinkles humor throughout the story to keep it from being so melodramatic, not so much that you lose interest in the characters or their plight, but enough to give them more dimension and lighten the mood.

I hope you give Loving a Lawman a try as well as the rest of Amy's Cattle Creek series. You can grab a copy of Loving a Lawman here: Loving a Lawman

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